“F2-21 eeFuel” is used as a multifunctional package of additives for gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, bio-diesel fuel, kerosene, bunker oil, furnace oil, condensed and natural gas. “F2-21 eeFuel”  is manufactured by H2OIL Corporation, 2509 Technology Drive, Hayward, California 94545, USA.

“F2-21 eeFuel” is designed for making resource-saving environmentally friendly fuels, representing catalyzed patent SAA, ethylene glycol, ethylene glycol ether, 2-ethylhexyl nitrate; the additive contains no metals or metal oxides.

“F2-21 eeFuel” action consists of forming dispersive nano-particles with water based core, solvated by the additive’s polar active components. Micelle hydraulic impacts in high temperature fuel-air mixture nano-particles ideally disperse fuel, trigger ignition processes and hydrocarbon radical-chain transformation.

The increase of chemical reaction rate in nano-systems during fuel treatment and combustion as well as morphology features and temperature ranges of nano-activators forming cluster type organic groups, create conditions for a maximum heat emission in combustion reaction, fuel savings, reduction of unburned combustible harmful substance emission: sulfur, hydrocarbon, carbon and nitrogen oxides and particulate solid matters (soot and smoke). ??In power-plants, “F2-21 eeFuel” performs a cleansing-dispersing function removing particles of gum, carbon, soot and coke from nozzles, valves, fuel supply and treatment components, turbine blades and heat exchange surfaces.

“F2-21 eeFuel” is soluble in gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil and other liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

The product range consists of four “F2-21 eeFuel”  products with variance in concentration of basic substances: “F2-21 eeFuel” (1:8000), “F2-21 eeFuel” (1:10000), “F2-21 eeFuel” (1:12000) and “F2-21 eeFuel” (1:20000).