New generation autogas is already available in Ukraine!


Fuel quality is the first issue for any motorist exploiting LPG vehicles. There are several types of auto gases available from various LPG-refueling stations in Ukraine. Unfortunately conventional customer can not recognize any differences among them. Moreover auto engines equipped with gas facilities were originally designed petrol ones and were not mechanically set for LPG. As a result, motorists lived with the following problems:

1.    Inefficient gas combustion. This is caused by lower gas front flame distribution speed in comparison with petrol. As a consequence just a part of autogas volume burns within power stroke of engine, when fuel combustion energy driving the car, the rest is burning down within exhaust stroke, resulting in:

•    Engine efficiency degradation;
•    Lowering acceleration capability;
•    Fuel consumption increasing;
•    Metal degradation in exhaust valve area and its burning out.

2.    Increasing engine operating temperature. Higher, in comparison with petrol, LPG burning temperature, increases the load to cylinder piston group and correspondingly leads to additional wear of all metal parts, oil-rings gumming and engine oil degradation.

Meridian Industrial Technologies - exclusive representative for Н2Oil Corporation (USA) within CIS, offers comprehensive solution to above problems by adding innovative fuel burning catalyst “F2-21 eeFuel”. «F2-21 eeFuel» underwent careful tests on the bench engine in the Central research automobile and automotoive institute Federal State Unitary Enterprise NAMI, Moscow. Test results showed 6% fuel economy of LPG with additive in comparison with engine tested on conventional gas.

Autogas with “F2-21 eeFuel” avoids traditional problems usually arising in gas operated engines. Thus the issue of adjustment of petrol engines to LPG operation can be successfully managed. Thereby, thanks to burning catalyst “F2-21 eeFuel”, autogas provides motorists with the following benefits:

•    Complete of gas combustion on gas;
•    Increase in efficiency;
•    Economy in Gas consumption;
•    Exhaust valve thermal load reduction;
•    Carbon deposits removal from combustions chamber;
•    Lowering negative impact to engine oil and antifreeze.

One of the independent LPG-refueling chains belongs to “SMART” Ltd started new autogas sales in Kiev since the February, 2014.  Their gas is already containing innovative burning catalyst “F2-21 eeFuel”.

Motorists already using new autogas declared marked improvement of operational characteristics: gas consumption economy, improved car performance and smoother running of the engine.