Ultimate composition

F2-21 eeFuel additive contains the following ultimate composition components:

  • Organic substances – carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen;
  • The additive contains no metal ions.

Therefore, the additive cannot quantitatively change the content of mineral impurities and ash content in motor fuels and fuel oils.

The concentration of F2-21 eeFuel additive is 100 ppmv, i.e. one liter per 10,000 liters of fuel or fuel-oil residue. Therefore, the impurity concentration may be increased by 0.001%, and the composition of exhaust gases will remain unchanged at that.

Class of hazard

The additive belongs to the hazard class 3 in accordance with the standard GOST 12.1.007-76 “Noxious substances. Classification and general safety requirements”.

Main additive components

  • Ethylene glycol (5-9% content) is used as an antifreeze substance. Ethylene glycol is toxic. It has a relatively low volatility at normal temperature; vapors are not that toxic and are hazardous only in case of chronic inhaling. Irritation and cough signal about the hazard;
  • Isopropyl nitrate (15-25%) is used as a solvent in paint-and-varnish and other industry branches. It is a colorless liquid with ether like odor;
  • Ethyl cellosolve (4-8%) is a liquid with spirit odor used as a solvent in paintwork materials and as an anti-freeze in aviation fuel. It is a basic component of anti-icing fluids («I fluid» and «I-M fluid»).

F2-21 eeFuel additive is compatible with all motor oils, fuel-oil residues and furnace oils, even with highly watered, fat-containing oils, highly watered fuels fat and alcohol containing fuels and used engine oils which enables consumer to use them without violating smoke and pollutant emissions standards.