Cold Flow Improver «Fly Fuel 4000»

Purpose of the product:

Cold Flow Improver «Fly Fuel 4000» is designed to decrease theCold filter plugging point (CFPP) and also pour point of diesel fuels, heating oils and low-viscosity marine fuels.

Recommended treat rate of - «Fly Fuel 4000» depends on the characteristics and the low-temperature properties of each individual fuel. To decide the best optimal concentration, it’s necessary to test in laboratory. The recommended range of concentrations is vary from 200 to 600 ppm.


1. To increase the yield of distillates per ton of raw material, thereby improving the efficiency of refineries.

2. To expand the range of applicable fuels and increase its flexibility and efficiency.

3. By increasing the content of paraffins and refining flexibility to raise sales of fuel.


Cold Flow Improver «Fly Fuel 4000» is packaged in galvanized iron drums. 

Net weight - 170 kg.